The poster exhibition will feature two rounds:

  1. Round 1: Wednesday evening – Thursday lunch
  2. Round 2: Thursday lunch – Friday afternoon (end of meeting)

*Posters will be switched on Thursday at lunch (13:15-14:00).

Poster Round 1

Wednesday, March 4 – Thursday, March 5 at 13:15

  1. Long-Term Outcomes of Cochlear Implantation in Multicultural Population: The Effects of Age of Implantation and Hearing Experience (Years of CI Use) on Hearing, Language, Social Participation and Quality Of Life – Mona Andraws, Bnai Zion MC
  2. A Rare Case: Base of Tongue Kaposi Sarcoma in Renal Transplanted Patient  – Majd Asakly, Ziv MC
  3. Is There a Relationship Between Idiopathic Sudden Hearing Loss and Ocular Diseases?  – Alon Avisar, Tel Aviv Sourasky MC
  4. Cochlear Implantation without Petrosectomy for Patients with Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis – Noam Bartov, Kaplan MC
  5. Case Report – A Long Term Follow-Up of Patient with a Concomitant Intra-And Extra-Cholesteatoma – Roni Barzilai, Assuta MC
  6. Ostmann’s Fat Pad – Does It Really Matter? – Ameen Biadsee, Meir MC
  7. Maxillary Sinus Cemento-Ossifying Fibroma – Uri Chavkin, Yitzhak Shamir MC (Assaf Harofeh)
  8. High-Pressure Jet Injury to the Mouth Resulting in Neck and Spine Trauma – Orr Dimitstein, Soroka University MC
  9. Respiratory Complications after Adenotonsillectomy in High-Risk Children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Retrospective Cohort Study – Gadi Fishman, Tel Aviv Sourasky MC
  10. Conservative Management of Tracheal Rupture in a Child after Blunt Trauma. A Management Dilemma – Raed Frhat, Ziv MC
  11. Predictors of Pain after Ear Surgery – Prospective Cohort Study – Mor Frish, Tel Aviv Sourasky MC
  12. Trends in Diagnosis and Follow up of Necrotizing Otitis Externa – A Retrospective Analysis – Hadar Gez Reder, Carmel MC
  13. The Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency on Hypocalcemia Following Complete Thyroidectomy – Suhail Gharra, Hillel Yaffe MC
  14. Invasive Actinomycosis Presenting as a Tongue Base Abscess – Katerina Golubeva, Bnai Zion MC
  15. The Role of the Neutrophil-To-Lymphocyte Ratio, Platelets-To-Lymphocyte Ratio and Mean Platelet Volume in Children with Deep Neck Space Infection – Katerina Golubeva, Bnai Zion MC
  16. Salvage of the Cochlear Implant in Cases of Skin Breakdown over the Receiver/Stimulator in Children – Zohar Hovev, Soroka University MC
  17. Lingual Thyroid Presenting as Hashimoto Encephalopathy – Amir Hamud, Bnai Zion MC
  18. Optimal Timing for Postoperative Non-EPI DW MRI Imaging to Detect Cholesteatoma Recidivism – Amir Hamud, Bnai Zion MC

Poster Round 2

Thursday, March 5 at 14:00 – Friday, March 6

  1. The Prognostic Value of Systemic Inflammatory Markers in Predicting Acute Mastoiditis Complications – Amir Hamud, Bnai Zion MC
  2. Chemical Compounds in the Management of Cholesteatoma – Ran Hazan, Soroka University MC
  3. A Surgical Technique of Cochlear Implantation in a Common Cavity Deformities – Hen Hazout, Soroka University MC
  4. Osteomyelitis Due to Foreign Body Reaction – Hen Hazout, Soroka University MC
  5. Idiopathic Subglottic and Tracheal Cystic Lesions Leading to Upper Airway Obstruction in Preterm Baby with Maternal HIV – Benyamin Kaminer, Soroka University MC
  6. Can Three Ears Ever Be Better Than Two? – Riyad Khnifes, Bnai Zion MC
  7. Is There a Reasonable Body of Evidence to Discard Mandatory Brain Imaging In Acute Mastoiditis? A Meta-Analysis – Riyad Khnifes, Bnai Zion MC
  8. Organ Preservation Vs Total Laryngectomy in Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Larynx – Nir Livneh, Sheba MC
  9. Accuracy of Plain Film Radiography in the Diagnosis and Management of Upper Aero-Digestive Tract Foreign Body Impaction – Jobran Mansour, Sheba MC
  10. Changing Management Paradigm – Utilizing Routine PCR Testing for Oropharyngeal Infections – Yuval Mizrakli, Yitzhak Shamir MC (Assaf Harofeh)
  11. The Impact of a Multidisciplinary Team Approach in a Tertiary Referral Center on the Management of Vestibular Schwannoma Patients – Shorook Na’ara, Rambam MC
  12. Potential and Pitfalls in the Surgical Management of Soft Tissue Stenosis of the External Ear Canal –  Noa Rozendorn, Sheba MC
  13. Time to Tracheostomy – Analysis of Prognostic Factors Following Intubation and Mechanical Ventilation – Isaac Shochat, Hillel Yaffe MC
  14. Thyroid Surgery for Octogenarians – Dor Shove, Tel Aviv Sourasky MC
  15. Canal Wall Up (CWU) Mastoidectomy with Bony Obliteration For Cholesteatoma. Challenges and Difficulties in Further Follow Up and Surgical Management – Jean-Yves Sichel, Shaare Zedek MC
  16. Deep Neck Infection: An Unusual Presenting Feature of Kawasaki Disease in an Adolescent – Amjad Tobia, Bnai Zion MC
  17. Temporal Bone Histopathology of X-Linked Inherited Alport Syndrome – Omer Jacob Ungar, Tel Aviv Sourasky MC
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